Product Review: SAAKA

SAAKA is a sustainable, high performance and comfortable sports accessories company that encourages and promotes the athlete in all of us.

SAAKA produces innovative products that will help you exceed the demands of life and achieve your full potential by providing the greatest sweat protection gear we have ever tried. Worry about the obstacles ahead of you, and stop the sweat from running down your whole body! Find out how, below in our product review.

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  • Triple Layered Fully Adjustable HeadbandSAAKA
  • Multi-Position Band: Bicep, Forearm & Calf SweatbandSAAKA
  • Ankle BandSAAKA
  • Super Absorbent VisorSAAKA
  • SunGuardSAAKA
  • Triple Layered Fully Adjustable WristbandsSAAKA

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SAAKA Sports Bands are made from strong fabrics that are knitted from Bamboo & Bamboo charcoal fibers. These fibers produce layers that make up the SAAKA band,  that work together to pull sweat away from the skin and allow it to evaporate.

  • Absorb significantly more moisture than cotton
  • Provide excellent UV protection
  • Effectively resist trapping and retaining odors
  • Is soft on the skin and to the touch
  • Highly breathable
  • Always the right fit
  • Fully adjustable closure on several products.
  • Lasts 5 times longer than conventional bands
  • Made with MicroBlok antimicrobial finish
  • Cooler, thinner, lighter, better looking
  • Easy care and maintenance



All SAAKA products are designed, assembled and manufactured in the U.S.A. with 3 layers of protection. 


  • Pulls sweat off the skin’s surface


  • Odor combating made from bamboo
  • Absorbs and retains sweat 
  • 30% more absorbent than cotton


  • Moves sweat outside for quick evaporation


Gives Back

With every purchase, SAAKA gives back to charities like Sports Charities USA to provide sports and outdoor recreation opportunities for disabled Veterans and handicapped children.  Also, all sales include free shipping.



We would rate this gear a 5 out of 5 Stars. We feel these products are essential for our workouts & on the course being out in the elements. SAAKA has found the perfect blend for their innovative products with being durable and comfortable while designed to keep you sweat free. Their products are made to last, containing 3 very strong layers of protection. Achieve that podium finish while looking cool & sweat free, using SAAKA sports bands.


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SAAKA Official Website

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Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve had our bad luck when it comes to fitness bands in the past. Some weren’t adjustable enough, others didn’t feel or velcro right and slid all over the place (making for an uncomfortable run), and most importantly, majority of them only held sweat for less than 20 minutes then were just drenched and weighted us down. We knew it was time for something new and innovative that could take the abuse from our outside Florida training center filled with our daily 5 pm storms mixed with 100 degree baking sessions. SAAKA came to the rescue! Our staff finally found themselves able to properly train without worrying about sweat getting to them and ruining their grip & sight!

We started testing SAAKA products with our MudRunFinder course, climbing our warped wall, swinging on rings, climbing ropes, doing burpees while running around dragging tires wearing our SAAKA gear. After completing our course with a dry & sweat free body, we felt comfortable enough with the provided sweat protection to bring it out to the races! Our first test was a tough one, the OCR North American Championship 15k Coure! During this race, we carried objects, climbed over & through walls, swung from poles to rings, all while wearing our SAAKA head gear & wrist bands. It’s safe to say SAAKA is the reason behind keeping our body dry, sweat free, and clean too while running through the light rain & fog!! We were tired from the 9+ mile hike up & down Stratton Mountain, but we were sweat free & our headgear & wristbands were still dry! I actually used the SAAKA gear to wipe off the sweat from my hands to help complete obstacles ( big help ). We look forward to continuing to utilize the protection SAAKA offers by using their products during our training and especially during the events we run in the future, and we suggest you do too!

P.S. Not only are these products amazing for all sports, but for any outside activities where sweat is involved. Doing dirty yard work in that Florida heat? Protect your body from the sun with UV protection while staying cool with the highly breathable apparel designed to keep you feeling fresh!


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