Product Review: 24hrsprinting

24hrsprinting’s goal is to expand the horizon of business and strive to emerge as the best in the market. They offer an assortment of personalized wristbands, tyvek bands, lanyards, magnets, and many more products! We got to produce MRF silicone wristbands for testing & review! Find out more, below in our product review.

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24hrsprinting can take your ideas for products & make them a reality. With a WIDE variety of products available, you can choose from so many different items then customize your favorites to your personal style that fits your business or team. 

  • Wristbands
  • Lanyards/ I.D. Cards
  • Balloons
  • Buttons
  • Can Coolers
  • Phone Holders
  • Bags & Totes
  • Stationary
  • Tattoos & Stickers

Where To Purchase

Shop Now & Use Discount Code: MudRunFinder


24hrsprinting products are made from the highest quality possible with the latest cost-effective & innovative solutions to really allow you to create custom reliable products backed with customer service that cares. 

  • Best Price Guaranteed
  • 24*7 Customer Service


The design is created by you! 24hrsprinting offers the user-friendly platform for you to customize SO many different products. Choose your design:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Color


We would rate 24hrsprinting a 5 out of 5 stars. We feel their custom designed products are essential for businesses like ours to promote easily at events! Our team wanted the best silicone wristbands that would help promote our business & 24hrsprinting came to the rescue! 24hrsprinting has found the perfect blend for their custom innovative products with cost effective solutions & super fast shipping. Their products are made exactly the way you create it, strong & durable where you want it to be, but also comfortable for all day use.

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve spent valuable time & money trying to find the best silicone wristbands that was right for us! We’ve had all types of issues in the past with other wristbands, from too skinny & didn’t fit wrists, had some that were not durable enough for OCR, others didn’t provide enough customization, and some just simply broke or looked like crap. While trying to save a buck, but still needing the most customization & durability available, we looked for something new & 24hrsprinting came to the rescue. Our Pro Team & staff finally found themselves able to hand our wristbands to athletes without them not being able to fit, or being ripped off during the race!!

We first found out about 24hrsprinting by looking up best wristbands company on google. We noticed a lot of hype from amazing pro athletes & teams we know from all different sports using their products, and other businesses we know giving great reviews as well. After researching & seeing all those positive online reviews, we reached out for assistance & wanted to test this out ourselves. With a quick response(24hrs customer service) and answering all our questions about customization, we felt comfortable with trying their products! We were able to get create MudRunFinder on 1 side & 24hrsprinting on the other side – silicone wristbands, to test & learn first hand how durable & to use to hand out to help promote both our companies at events!! We learned quickly that it doesn’t take much time to create our design, with a very user-friendly website. Then was super shocked to learn shipping was just as quick! We received wristbands an event early & were able to wear & review them.

After the first few weeks of using our wristbands during training, I noticed it was still as strong, durable & colorful as the first day we received it. I learned that it didn’t matter how long I wore it everyday, or how banged up I could get my wristband – it was still like new! After a few weeks of testing, I’m excited to say – it is still as good as new.

The wristbands survived 1 month of training & washing machines – and still looked and felt strong like brand new! I knew then we trusted & felt comfortable enough to hand them out to athletes at races! So we handed them out before Mud Titan 16’s epic race with a last mile of upper body challenges where we knew wrists bands would be tested to the max & everyone we gave a band to at the beginning of the race – still had it on! Running trails & through the grass filled waist high pond, over warped walls, across rings, sledgehammering tires, crawling through mud, climbing ropes & tough rigs – the bands were still like new!!! Success!!! 

24hrsprinting has far exceeded our expectations & we’re completely satisfied. We’re excited to share our 24hrsprinting experience with our fellow athletes & race directors. We highly suggest 24hrsprinting!

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