Product Review: Midas Chalk

The Midas Company believes that your grip is your most important factor & we can agree – obstacle wise grip strength is key. So let’s add the best grip to our hands! Find out more, below in our product review.

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This amazing chalk is available in different sizes, amounts & forms.

  • Midas Premium Liquid Chalk 8 oz
  • Midas Premium Liquid Chalk 2 oz
  • Midas Powder Chalk

Where To Purchase

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Their product is a unique formula created in the United States, which allows you to use the highest quality ingredients possible and lowest cost to produce. Every bottle will give you your best grip so you can feel confident while you’re working out. It’s part of their “Gold Standard”!

  • The Midas Liquid Gold Promise…Love it… Or Your Money-Back
  • Magic gold-white pure chalk
  • Includes hand sanitization



Created to reinforce your grip, Midas Liquid Gold is designed to increase your performance whether you’re a rock climber, gymnast, or crossfiter

  • Use a dab of Midas Liquid Gold, and your grip is good for the whole workout
  • Easy to Use, Clean & Fast
  • Spend more time lifting & less time chalking.
  • No Residue


We would rate Midas Chalk a 5 out of 5 stars. We feel their custom designed chalk is essential for accomplishing more grip while training & during races! Our team wanted the best chalk that would help protect our hands from cuts & calluses & Midas Chalk came to the rescue! They have found the perfect blend for their innovative chalk with creating the perfect balance of grip & sanitation. Their chalk is made right, thick & grippy where you want it to be able to handle getting twisted around bars, but soft, dry & clean enough to help keep hands in best condition with no residue left on everything you touch. Plus you only need few dabs of chalk to stay on for your whole workout or race, but not enough to get you stuck to obstacles, everything, you want it to be.

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve spent valuable time & money trying to find the best chalk for extra grip, that was right for us! We’ve had all types of issues in the past with other chalks, from slimy residue, didn’t provide any noticeable difference in grip, other powders were nothing but baby powder and no grip. Costing us time in training, racing with hand pains and putting a hurting in our pockets buying all these different products. While trying to save a buck, but still needing the best grip strength available, we looked for something new & Midas Chalk came to the rescue. Our Pro Team & staff finally found themselves able to train harder without ripping our hands open, and felt the difference training with our climbing holds.

We first found out about Midas Chalk by looking up grip products on IG. We noticed a lot of hype from amazing pro athletes from all different sports. After researching & seeing a few positive online reviews, we reached out for assistance & wanted to test this out ourselves. With a quick response and answering all our questions, we felt comfortable with trying their products! We were able to get bottle of the 8 oz liquid chalk, to test & learn first hand!! We learned quickly that it doesn’t take much more than a small dab on the hands & the grip strength will increase for the whole workout. But, what was interesting was applying the chalk to shoulders and lower neck, for weighted lunges and lifts, and how much it made it much more comfortable & seemed to keep the bar in place better.

After the first few weeks of using our liquid chalk, I noticed quicker movements & solid handling during training & less fatigue & cuts/calluses after. I learned that proper placement & amount makes a world of difference. Sometimes only a dab is needed on the hands, but two dabs would be needed on the shoulders. After a few weeks of testing, I was excited to do more bar workouts & was able to push harder with more weight comfortably, as the grip side of the chalk delivered instant success for me!

I skipped using the chalk on weeks 3 & 4, but kept the training & weight the same, to see if anything was different. Boom..back to ugly form with cuts & calluses on our hands due to not able to grip as quickly & as hard. The lack of protection left us with aches & pains, and a little bit of blood missing! It was time to get more liquid chalk! Being chalked up will be a routine now, and I won’t have to second guess is this working, because I’ve already noticed results. I want more cleaner lifts & faster grip back. I can say this chalk is awesome & I support this companies products. 

Midas Chalk has far exceeded our expectations & we’re completely satisfied. We’re excited to share our Midas Chalk experience, with our fellow athletes & race directors. We highly suggest Midas Chalk!

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