Product Review: Allied Medal Hangers

Allied Medal Hangers

Allied Medal Hangers helps you make a statement with high quality medal displays.

Allied Medal Hangers produces innovative products that helps you show off that you exceeded the demands of life and achieved your full potential. You worked hard for that medal, now let’s show it off, the way it deserves to be! Find out how, below in our product review.


Single Row, up to 12 medals
Allied Medal Hangers

Single Event
Allied Medal Hangers

Custom Phrases
Allied Medal Hangers

Large Medals
Allied Medal Hangers

Allied Medal Hangers


Allied Medal Hangers is a  small, family owned company in Redmond, Washington. All of their medal hangers are designed, cut, grained, and packaged in their shop. 

  • Stainless steel
  • Custom design
  • 1 to 3 rows
  • Mounting hardware included


Allied Medal Hangers are designed and ordered to display your exact liking by using their custom medal hanger display builder. Because your pride, experience & taste are so unique, you deserve a unique item that represents you 100%! Start from scratch and customize it they way you want to show it off!

  • Personalize the look of your support by adding the name, the sport, the name or logo of the team, the player number or any other detail

​Choose how many rows

  • 1 RowAllied Medal Hangers
  • 2 RowsAllied Medal Hangers
  • 3 RowsAllied Medal Hangers

Choose the width length

  • 12Allied Medal Hangers
  • 18Allied Medal Hangers
  • 24Allied Medal Hangers
  • 30Allied Medal Hangers

Choose Text

Allied Medal Hangers

Choose Figures

Allied Medal Hangers


I would rate these medal hangers a 5 out of 5 Stars. I feel these products are essential for showing off your pride & hard work! Showcase your sporting medals, your first 5k run or that brutal ultra OCR course you just conquered! These products simply look amazing, are strong & durable enough to hold your heavy custom top placement medals with wristbands, while giving you the hardware to securely hang it on your wall. Allied Medal Holders has found the perfect blend between function, durability & design, plus you can even customize it with your personal or teams logos. We love our Allied Medal Holders hangers and you will see our top placement medals & finisher medals hanging proudly from them all year round!

Allied Medal Hangers

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve had our bad luck when it comes to medal hangers in the past. Some didn’t have a smooth & shiny finish, sizes were too small, others didn’t have the custom availability, but most importantly the rows weren’t strong enough to hold all our medals and the hardware provided wouldn’t hold the weight. We knew it was time for something new and innovative that could take the abuse from the weight of our medals. Allied Medal Hangers came to the rescue! Our staff finally found themselves able to properly show off our hard work without worrying about our medals falling off our wall in the middle of the night!

We started testing Allied Medal Hangers products with the smallest Mud Run Finder custom medal holder, filling it up with our biggest & heaviest medals. Nothing bent, and the provided hardware had the hanger secured safely to the wall. Time to setup the Mud Run Finder 30″ Hanger with our year to date medals. Outcome…medal hanger is looking for more hangers! Medal is strong enough for twice the medals! We look forward to continuing to show off our hard work with the custom fabrication work that far exceeded our expectations. Allied Medal Hangers customer service went above and beyond to make sure we we’re completely satisfied with our hangers. Allied Medal Hangers also fulfills orders of any quantity, and offers special bulk pricing on large orders. We’re excited to share our Medal Mondays with our new medals on our custom hangers, with our fellow athletes & race directors. We highly suggest Allied Medal Hangers!

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