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Dedicated to providing useful, innovative, durable apparel and equipment enhancing the training, performance and recovery for today’s athlete

Make your race more enjoyable, comfortable & stand out to photographers by using some of the greatest products we have tried. Also, use their cleaning kit to come home without the muddy course with you & in your car! Find out how, below in our product review.



    • $8.98 Calf Support Sleeve – Graduated Compression Hoplite Outfitters
    • $7.98 Workout Grips  Hoplite Outfitters
    • $21.98 Men’s Baselayer Compression Tights by Linx Hoplite Outfitters
    • $12.98 Clean Up Kits Hoplite Outfitters


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Specifically engineered to improve your performance in OCR, CrossFit and all your High Intensity Training and Racing by supporting your legs and protecting them in keys areas while managing to keep you cool.

Hoplite Outfitters


Clean Up Kit

Clean Up kits provide you with a single solution to make your post race clean up convenient, simple, and complete.

  • A large and durable zip closure plastic bag for your your wet and dirty clothes and shoes.
  • A durable disposable washcloth to scrub the mud off.
  • An antiseptic scrub sponge wet with antiseptic solution to clean your cuts and scratches to avoid infection and promote healing.
  • Premoistened no-rinse wet wipes so you can truly clean your face, body and especially your sensitive areas while changing.
  • Soft, durable and disposable towels to get you clean and dry.

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Designed to Optimize your Performance:

  • Close fit to keep from snagging and dragging.
  • Wicking, quick drying fabric doesn’t soak up water.
  • Padded area over the shins for impact and abrasion resistance. Think box jumps, rope climbs, double-unders, deadlifts
  • Padded area in the achilles region for abrasion resistance in tough obstacles and rope climbs.
  • Thin and tough padding in the foot to reduce blisters
  • Left and right foot specific fit to improve support, and drainage.
  • Arch Support band to avoid pinching, and folding and to avoid plantar fasciitis.
  • 15-20mmHg compression for relief from cramping and fatigue.

Protect your legs from the rigors of your Training:

  • Protect you from scrapes and bruises in Olympic Weightlifting and Deadlifting.
  • Takes the bite out of missed box jumps.
  • Takes the sting out of missed double unders.
  • Guards you from abrasion in rope climbs.

Perform your best in your OCR Racing:

  • Extra padding and abrasion resistance in the shins for protection while you are running, jumping and crawling through the race course.
  • Textured padding in the achilles and calves to protect you from the friction of rope climbs, and traverses and wall climbs.
  • Strategically placed padding in the foot to reduce blisters and improve drainage.

 Improve your Recovery from intense training and epic races:

  • Wear these socks after you train and race for improved recovery.
  • Science has shown that compression socks reduce swelling, improve circulation, enhance healing, and speed up recovery from intensive activity.


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Products Available

From Training gear, to men’s & women’s apparel, with safety & protection in mind!

Premium Speed Ropes Hoplite Outfitters

Womens & Mens Compression ShortsHoplite OutfittersHoplite Outfitters

Compression Sleeve with hex pad elbow  Hoplite Outfitters


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I would rate this performance apparel & training gear a 5 out of 5 Stars. I feel these products are essential for an enjoyable & comfortable training session or tough course! Wear these awesome products on your weekend camping & hiking trips with the family, or to your brutal ultra OCR event running through bushes and climbing walls in the rain. These products simply look and feel amazing while adding a layer of protection to help you achieve that podium finish. Hoplite Outfitters has found the perfect blend between function, durability & breathable design. Be the comfortable & great looking winner! We love our Hoplite Outfitters gear, and you will see us dry, protected from the FL heat & happy wearing it waiting for our top placement medals!

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