Product Review: Aquamira

Technologies that turn contaminated water into safe drinking water for individuals, families and communities.

Make your race more enjoyable, comfortable, healthier & safer by using some of the greatest products we have tried. Find out how, below in our product review.


Products & Pricing

    • $47 – $49.99 Hydration EngineAquamira
    • $100 – $175 Rig’s  AquamiraAquamira
    • $11.99-$59.99  Filtration System Aquamira
    • $10.99- $14.99 Treatment Aquamira


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  • Elegantly simple and intuitive design, easy to use, no tools required.
  • Every claim is backed by relevant testing, conducted in compliance with standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Quick release valves on drinking and pressurization tube
  • Reversible, dishwasher safe reservoir
  • 1600 cubic inches of storage capacity
  • Heavy duty, box-stitched and reinforced nylon pack handle
  • Bedroll straps at bottom of pack
  • Ergonomic fit


Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, public health can be safeguarded by installing a system specifically designed to address a community’s need for a reliable and safe water supply. The innovative DIVVY Emergency Water System represents this application, proven filtration technology capable of serving whole communities.



Practical solutions to serve people, protect health, and save lives from the threat of waterborne illnesses. Their goal is to help you stay safely hydrated through fun and adventurous times as well as during emergency situations.

  • Fully operational without fuel or electricity.
  • Proven to meet the demands of rugged outdoor pursuits and/or extreme emergencies.



We would rate this water treatment & filtration system a 5 out of 5 Stars. We feel these products are essential for bug-out bags & emergency water storage. Use these awesome products on your weekend camping & hiking trips with the family, and to your brutal ultra OCR event running through bushes and climbing walls in the rain. Our Aquamira Geigerrig Rig 500 Hydration Water Filter Backpack can hold dirty pond filled water, and filter it into fresh supply of clean, filtered & tasty water while having the capability of holding food & personal items. Aquamira has found the perfect blend between function, durability & design. We took this bag on the Tier-1 Bonefrog course, and it was OCR tested!! Thrown in dirt, rolled on and beat up by walls crawling through windows. Then, we took it to the streets of Bayshore Blvd for the Publix Gasparilla Distance Challenge, for some cardio and put some miles on it – 30.4 miles to be exact! Not a heavy bag, but not a light cheap crappy bag either. Right in the middle for weight with great padding. Felt comfortable, properly hydrated & great looking too, it forms to you! Last, we had to test the filtration. Hello, backyard pond water. Cleaned it up, and tasted like bottled water. If all that wasn’t enough, it’s super simple to clean! We love our Aquamira gear, and you will see us on the course with our hydration packs full of filtered, clean & pure water while carrying all our gear ( gels, phones, batteries & sunscreen ). If we run out of water and see a new source (clean or not), best believe we are plug in our filter & filling up! Plus, you can spray your friends / fellow athletes with the huge amount of pressure water that comes out when you pump it up! I mean hydrate them properly. lol.

Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic
Gasparilla Challenge – 30.4 miles completed
Bonefrog Orlando – Tier 1 Challenge


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