Mud Endeavor – Under The Lights – Review

Mud Endeavor – Under the Lights – 7/16/16

  • The registration process for the run was?  Simple
  • I registered? Online
  • The price of the run was? $$76.26 ( for 2 )
    • I bought on discount or pre-sale? Yes – 2 x BOGO Registration
  • The price vs the value was? Worth it
  • The post-race perks included? Medal, Beer, Food & a water truck to help clean you off!
  • The check in process on the day of the run was – Smooth – Some lines were longer than others, I was done in less than 5, friend was less than 10 minutes!
  • The obstacles of the course were? Pretty challenging – We were the last wave to go, so mud was everywhere and it was actually dark outside which gave us the Under The Lights feeling! Few new obstacles compared to their last event! Made you push,pull & dig a little bit harder than last time.
  • The most challenging obstacle was? A simple chest high platform you had to pull yourself up onto. Challenging part was it was covered in mud & you had NO grip at all to pull yourself up. Had to use the assistance beam to climb up.
  • The most unique or fun obstacle was? I enjoyed the ice water to ice pit with music and lasers the most. Hands & knees were frozen by time you go to the end.
  • The quality conditions of the obstacles were? Very well maintained, just muddy being the last wave to start!
  • This is a great Mud Run for? Beginners & Advanced runners. Had some harder obstacles for the advanced runners, but assistance bars,beams & holes to help beginners conquer the course.
  • For rookies who have never done a Mud Run, I would recommend it being their first? Yes! Mud Endeavor is a perfect combination of fun, mud & obstacles.
  • Additional recommendations for those planning to run this event are? Bring a friend, BOGOs specials pop up all the time for Mud Endeavor. Go have a fun challenge with a friend!
  • Overall I would rate this run? ( 1 – 5 star; 5 is best) 3.5


1Mud E2n3eavor

Under The Lights
July 16th 2016