Muddy Brute Challenge Florida 2016 – Review

Muddy Brute Challenge Florida 2016 – Review

After a simple online registration form, a discount code that I received online through social media, and payment made, my email notified me to get ready for this challenge! Registration included: Race Bib, Muddy Brute T-Shirt, Muddy Brute Medal, Free Photos, Water & Fruit (No beer though).

People thought I was crazy when I went to bed early, woke up even earlier, then drove for about 2 hours just for a mud run! But, I had a feeling this was going to be a challenging but fun course. I got exactly what wished for: 4-5 miles of mud, obstacles, rough terrain & water crossings!

Brute is the perfect word for the 1st mile of this race. You start off running through knee high muddy water & eventually leads you to a swim in that wonderful water! After you’re soaked with nastyness, it’s time to run into the depths of muddy trenches filled with wall climbs. If that wasn’t messy enough for you, how about a military crawl under nets in your favorite brown mush! At this point, I was about dead from exhaustion. That was one of the toughest miles I’ve ever done!

Good news is, the rest of the course was a breeze compared to that! After the 1st mile of muddy hell, came the fun obstacles & terrain run. From warped walls that beautiful sound of bells ringing on top of the rope climbs while climbing up them Wildwood mountains!!

Of course, every run wouldn’t be complete without getting lost at least once, a sandbag carry, & of course that last body breaking challenge they always leave you with! Which this one wasn’t too bad, just monkey bars & rope swings!

Overall a decent course! Toughest part by far is the beginning, once past that you can conquer anything as long you still got energy in the tank. I did like the fact you got medal & tshirt at the end of the race – You earned it, it wasn’t just giving to you at the beginning! Well worth the effort & the drive to get there. Oh and I didn’t realize I signed up for the competitive wave until I got there, so since I completed all obstacles and I got to kept my wrist band!!

I give Muddy Brute a solid 3 Star rating for this course! Mainly because of the difficulty of the 1st mile, I was impressed with the amount of mud & water! The obstacles were great for 1st time mud runners, not challenging enough for competitors though.

Oh & I would like to say THANK YOU so much to the photographer at the end for taking one of my favorite mud run photos ever! You captured an awesome moment!



Muddy Brute Challenge - Mud Run Finder Muddy Brute Challenge - Mud Run Finder

Muddy Brute Challenge
Florida Spring 2016
Saturday, April 9, 2016
The Park at Wildwood
4222 N. US Hwy 301 Wildwood, FL 34785