Product Review: RunFluent

The mission of RunFluent is to give everyone the opportunity to experience a professional gait analysis and customized goal driven run programming at an affordable cost. Their number one goal is to help each and every one of their clients to run efficiently as possible while chasing down their goals. Find out how to best achieve your running goals, below in our product review.

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Products / Services

RunFluent has many services available to help you:

  • Professional Gait Analysis
  • Reduce Risk of Activity Induced Injury
  • Increase Performance Efficiency
  • Instill Proper Mechanics
  • Online Run Programming

Where To Begin Your Programming


Clients Welcome

RunFluent is beneficial to all experience levels. Regardless if you’re chasing down your first ever 5k, or attempting to PR your next 50k, RunFluent wants to help be a part of it. 

  • Road runners, trail runners, and OCR athletes have a home at RunFluent.
  • New to running? RunFluent can help you love this lifestyle!
  • Love to run, but want to learn more about proper mechanics, breathing & cadence? RunFluent has mini clinics, and one on one evaluations!
  • Stuck at a pace, and can’t reach that goal? RunFluent will create the programing program to help you run faster.

Design To Help You Achieve Your Goals

A home for all athletes to learn & grow as a runner. While keeping your health & wellness as 1st priority!

  • Private Forum for questions and advice
  • Mini Clinics
  • Motivational Messages
  • Tips
  • Check ins
  • Race Day Love
  • Form Checks


We would rate RunFluent programming a 5 out of 5 stars. We feel their custom designed workouts are essential for accomplishing our trail/road & OCR goals! Our team wanted the best results that would help us achieve our goals & RunFluent came to the rescue! They have found the perfect blend for their innovative programming with creating the perfect balance of runs & recovery based on you own goals. Their programs are made right – custom for your personal goals, challenging, but achievable, while checking in and giving advice & motivation along the way – everything, you want it to be.

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve spent valuable time & money trying to find the best coaching, that was right for us! We’ve had all types of issues in the past from online coaches, from not listening to our goals, sending out standardized workouts plans & never responding to questions. Costing us time in training, races and more in our pockets. While trying to save a buck, but still needing the best coaching available, we looked for something new & RunFluent came to the rescue. Our Pro Team & staff finally found themselves able to train properly, with great form, achieving each individuals personal goal, all for a decent price. 

We first found out about RunFluent by covering media for a 2019 Mud Endeavor event. We noticed the majority of the athletes on the RunFluent Team, all had podiumed. After personally seeing quite a few positive results from different team members of theirs, on the course, we reached out for assistance. With a quick response and answering all our questions, we felt comfortable with trying their programming! We were able to get our professional gait analysis, learn about proper mechanics & receive our personal program!! If you follow & trust the process, the results will be easily seen!

After the first month of following my personal program, I noticed a lower heart rate during runs & less fatigue after as well, I’ve learned that proper technique makes running faster & further SO much easier. I have to give the twice amount of effort with bad form, to get the same results, I just needed better form & a program designed for my goals. After 1 month, I had my fastest 1 mile, 5k & 10k!

I am now on my 2nd month of RunFluent coaching & training. Running has been a routine now, and I don’t have to second guess is this working, because I’ve already noticed results in PRs. I now notice, I have more energy after races than I ever did before. I went from an AG finisher to an OA placement. My recovery runs don’t hurt any more, and are only getting longer, with the same heart rate! I can say this custom programming & support has changed the way I run, how I finish & how I feel every day!! 

RunFluent has far exceeded our expectations & we’re completely satisfied. We’re excited to share our RunFluent experience, with our fellow athletes & race directors. We highly suggest RunFluent!

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