Product Review: Rhapsody Red T-Shirt Quilts

Rhapsody Red T-Shirt Quilts is a family-owned company inspired by preserving your memories, providing innovative premium grade quilts for use by ninja warriors, obstacle course racers and anyone into fitness trying to show off their accomplishments.

Worn that finisher shirt too long, or trying to figure out what to do with last years stack of t-shirts? Turn them into a quilt of memories!!!  Find out how, below in our product review.

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Rhapsody red T-Shirt Quilts


The premium quilt for any athlete.

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Rhapsody Red stands behind their reputation with strong durable products, great prices & outstanding customer service while committing to developing innovative memory solutions.

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Rhapsody Red products are designed to be high quality.  Their products are designed with safety, usability, and longevity in mind.  They make sure that when you choose them once, you keep coming back for quality products!

  • Made up of three layers; a pieced together t-shirt top, batting and cotton or flannel backing.
  • Traditional Block Style
  • Variable Block Style Rhapsody red T-Shirt Quilts
  • Mosaic Style Rhapsody red T-Shirt Quilts
  • Bed Runner Rhapsody red T-Shirt Quilts



We would rate Rhapsody Red products a 5 out of 5 stars. We feel their products are essential for showing off our finisher t-shirts! Our team has always wondered what to do with our last years t-shirts. Rhapsody Red came to the rescue! They have found the perfect blend for their innovative products with being built to last while creating the perfect balance of creativity & design! Their products are made right, very strong and handle the abuse of being outside in the FL heat, as we show it off in our Team MudRunFinder Tent. Their quilts are perfectly fitted and formed to comfort your entire body while trying to relax. Achieve that podium finish with your finisher shirt, then show it off for years to come by turning into a one of a kind quilt by Rhapsody Red T-Shirt Quilt!  

Rhapsody red T-Shirt Quilts

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve never trusted anyone enough with our finisher t-shirts before to cut them up & turn them into a masterpiece, but something felt right with Acela with Rhapsody Reds. After discussing what we had in mind, we sent out our favorite t-shirts and a folded t-shirt design soon came for approval. With our key shirt placements, and rest up to Acela’s creativity, something new, innovative and can take abuse from our outside under our MudRunFinder Team Tent came to be. Our staff finally found themselves able to properly show off our finisher t-shirts without worrying if it will come out right, or just ruin our hard work.

We first found out about Rhapsody Red products by searching quality t-shirt quilts in central Florida. After seeing quite a few photos of past quilts made, of different designs & styles, with racing style, we reached out for assistance. With a quick response, and answering all our questions, we felt comfortable with what we were about to do – allow someone to cut our earned shirts! We received folded shirts mock style designs for approval then progress photos, and at the end one elegant presented quilt. We look forward to showing our quilt off to our best ability, just as much as Acela took pride & commitment in making our remarkable, one of a kind quilt! Rhapsody Red far exceeded our expectations. Acela went above and beyond to make sure we were completely satisfied with our t-shirt quilt.. We’re excited to share our Rhapsody Red experience, with our fellow athletes & race directors. We highly suggest Rhapsody Red T-Shirt Quilts products!

Rhapsody red T-Shirt Quilts

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Rhapsody Red T-shirt Quilt Official Website

Rhapsody Reds T-shirt Quilt Facebook Page

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