Product Review: Mudbandz

Full protection covers for Fitbit, watch, or tracker. Superior mud, moisture and impact protection. Perfect for OCR and mud runs.

Protect your trackers through innovative products to help you exceed the demands of life and achieve your full potential by training with some of the greatest protection covers we have ever tried. Worry about the obstacles ahead of you, and not if your watch will make it! Find out how, below in our product review.


  • Original 4″ Band for Fitbit Charge, Alta, Flex, and Narrower Devices
  • Extra Wide 5.5″ Band for Fitbit Blaze, Apple, Suunto, and Wider Devices

Where To Buy

Mudbandz Official Product Page


Every Mudbandz Protection Cover combines the powers of soft, cushioned “scuba grade” neoprene with an ultra-thin band of TPE that clings to your device like a second skin. The result is an incredibly effective “1-2 punch” against mud, water, bumps, and scratches. Mudbandz are suitable for any brand, style, or size device.

  • Blocks mud, moisture, bumps and scratches
  • Extends the life and appearance of wearable technology
  • Minimizes post-race cleanup time



The neoprene moves with you and is lined with soft-touch nylon blend and Spandex edging. Designed to be quick drying and feather-light during competition with smooth, flat seams for greater comfort.

Patent-pending “stretch and fold” design ensures your entire tracker and band is protected, not just the screen.

  • 4-way stretch neoprene for cushioning, durability and minimal weight
  • Soft-touch nylon with flat-seam construction for smooth feel and comfort
  • Ultra-thin TPE layer for second tier moisture protection in wet conditions
  • Reusable and hand washable for easy care
  • TPE band is latex free and recyclable



We would rate these protection covers a 5 out of 5 Stars. We feel these products are essential for our workouts & on the course. Mudbandz has found the perfect blend for their innovative products with being durable & designed to take a beating from obstacles including mud / water, while creating the perfect balance of protection & comfort with the neoprene & nylon! Their bands are made right, very strong & keep your trackers clean, dry and damage free. These bands will form to your trackers and add comfort to your entire wrist. Achieve that podium finish with your correct time, heart & pace rate, by using Mudbandz protection covers over your trackers.


Official Links

Mudbandz Official Website

Mudbandz Facebook Page

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve had our bad luck when it comes to trackers in the past. Lost a few clip ones when they fell off, 1 got ruined during a dunk wall and had at least 3 just get beat up from obstacle and didn’t work by the end of the race. We knew it was time for something new, innovative and can take abuse from our outside training center & the tough courses we run. Mudbandz came to the rescue! Our staff finally found themselves able to properly train and track their workouts without worrying about breaking their watches!

We started with our MudRunFinder course, climbing our warped wall, swinging on rings, climbing ropes, doing burpees, running while dragging tires, and swimming across the pool. After completing our course with a clean, dry & damage free Fitbit, we felt comfortable enough with the watch’s provided protection to bring it out to the races! During these races, we have thrown, dragged & carried many objects, climbed over, through and under walls, swam through Shriveled Richard and jumped Davy Jone’s Locker, all while wearing our Mudbandz protection covers. It’s safe to say Mudbandz is the reason behind keeping it dry, crack-free, and clean!! We look forward to continuing to the protection Mudbandz offers! The only thing we can say would be an cool upgrade to this awesome product, is if they could make it a clear material, so you can view your pace through the protection! But, protection wise, it does the job it’s designed to do, quite well too!