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Changing lives through kettlebell fitness. Kettlebell Kings is your source for all things kettlebells.

Elevate your performance through innovative products to help you exceed the demands of life and achieve your full potential by training with some of the greatest kettlebell products we have ever tried. Find out how, below in our product review.



    • Powder Coating Kettlebells                 Kettlebell Kings

    • Steel Standard Kettbells                     Kettlebell Kings

    • Competition Kettlebells                       Kettlebell Kings

    • Adjustable Kettlebells               Kettlebell Kings

    • Complete Kettlebell Sets                     Kettlebell KingsKettlebell Kings


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Different weights available to help beginners become elites!

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY, No one else offered lifetime warranties on their powder coat or e-coat bells.
  • ACCURACY, we guarantee the accuracy to the weight you purchase within 0.3 kilograms or we will replace the bell at NO cost
  • SMOOTH FINISH, Pay close attention to the finish when comparing to images of others. Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells have a smoother finish because our casting process creates a smoother surface to powder coat over. Having a smooth finish protects your hands, wrists and forearms
  • GRAVITY CAST & PRECISION MADE,  The most precise way to create a kettlebell mold. Gravity casting casts the iron to the specific weight you are creating. If a kettlebell is not gravity cast you risk not accurately casting the kettlebell to the same weight and dimensions as the mold ages.

Kettlebell Kings



The Infinity Rope System is a premium jump rope system designed to give you a fun and unique jumping experience. Their system allows you to easily and quickly switch between different weights of ropes to achieve a variety of fitness goals anywhere.

  • COLORED BANDS on HANDLES,  Color specific to certain weights, identify the kettlebell without picking up or rolling it over, bands are coded to to international standards for easy identification
  • ENGRAVED, In kilograms and pounds so you always know which weight you are working with in either measurement
  • HANDLE GRIP, Powder coating make a great gripping surface when your hands are sweating, also holds chalk better than other kettlebell paint
  • SINGLE CAST, Our Powder Coat kettlebells are all made from a single piece of cast iron. Most kettlebells have the handles welded on which makes them break easier. Casting from a single piece of metal gives more durability to the kettlebell
  • POWDER COATING, is the most durable form of kettlebell paint available and lasts longer than traditional kettlebell paint
  • LOGO, Kettlebell Kings logo engraved into kettlebell so it will not break off, kettlebells without engraved logos have inserts glued in which break out over time

Kettlebell Kings



We would rate these kettlebells a 5 out of 5 Stars. We feel these products are essential for our workouts & / or training. Kettlebell Kings has found the perfect blend for their innovative products with being built to last while taking a beating and creating the perfect balance of performance & design! Their kettlebells are made right, very strong with accurate weight. The handles are perfectly fitted and formed to comfort your entire hand while the bell is evenly weighted. Achieve that podium finish, by training with Kettlebell Kings products.

Kettlebell Kings


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Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve had our bad luck when it comes to kettlebells in the past. A plastic 3 piece set cracked from FL summer heat, another set broke when dropped. We knew it was time for something new, innovative and can take abuse & heat from our outside training center. Kettlebell Kings came to the rescue! Our staff found themselves able to properly train without injury with their advanced casting for dependability and stabilization during repetitions. The greatest part is when your getting physically stronger & faster & you move up to the next weight class these kettlebells are still in great condition to be passed down for someone else to use! The kettlebells are sharp looking & properly made to your workout to the extreme. We have thrown, dragged & dropped our Kettlebell King’s bell, and brush the dirt & mud off, it’s still as good as new! We look forward to continuing to workout with these awesome & durable set of kettlebells!