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Jigsaw Massage helping athletes recover quicker!

Give your all, then recover just as fast. Find out how, below in our product review.

Jigsaw Massage


Jigsaw Massage is a patent pending activation tool that attaches seamlessly to most new jigsaws for massage and recovery. Break up those tighter areas that need immediate attention with the best products.

  • Deep Tissue Massage HeadJigsaw Massage
  • Pin Point Therapy Massage HeadJigsaw Massage
  • All-Purpose Massage HeadJigsaw Massage
  • The Cordless Pro+ Jigsaw Massage BundleJigsaw Massage

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Jigsaw Massage stands behind their reputation with commitment to producing a quality products, built on service, and measured by fast recovery results.

  • Stainless steel housing
  • All purpose and pinpoint heads have tips made of rubber so they’re a bit softer and more forgiving
  • Deep tissue massage head is made of a stiff polyurethane which is a harder but strong plastic

Jigsaw Massage


Jigsaw Massage products are designed to help all levels of runners, cyclists, and other athletes recover quicker.

  • Specifically designed for self deep tissue massage at your fingertips.
  • Attaches to T and U shank Jigsaws
  • All Black and Deckers, Dewalts, and Worx will work

Jigsaw Massage


We would rate Jigsaw Massage products a 5 out of 5 stars. We feel their products are essential for recovery! Our team wanted the best self massaging system & Jigsaw Massage came to the rescue! They have found the perfect blend for their innovative products with creating the perfect balance of creativity & design! Their products are made right, strong where it needs to be, and soft where you want it to be – just the way it should be. With the different massage tips, it allows you receive different types of massages. Spend your time giving your all to achieve that podium finish, let Jigsaw Massage worry about your recovery!

.Jigsaw Massage

Tested & MudRunFinder Approved

We’ve spent valuable time after workouts & races going get a massage and spent even more $$$ on them! While trying to save a buck, but still needing the effects of a great massage, we looked for something new & Jigsaw Massage came to the rescue. Our staff finally found themselves able to properly recover with a self massage and not have to drive anywhere or spend anything to get it.

We first found out about Jigsaw Massage products by searching for quality massage machines. After seeing quite a few positive reviews, we reached out for assistance. With a quick response and answering all our questions, we felt comfortable with trying their products out! We received the Black & Decker cordless drill with the 3 massaging tips! The Black & Decker drill provided the power  back and forth action and Jigsaw Massage provided the strong massaging tips! What a terrific combination, that works together for a great recovery massage! I can say our training & race day recovery has never been the same since receiving these products. Our intensity levels during workouts are higher, reps numbers are growing, more weight is being added, and bigger tires are being flipped and dragged because we know this powerful massage tool will take the pain away!

Jigsaw Massage far exceeded our expectations & we’re completely satisfied. We’re excited to share our Jigsaw Massage experience, with our fellow athletes & race directors. We highly suggest Jigsaw Massage products! Stop by our team tent, and check it our for yourself!

Jigsaw Massage

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