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Here’s what they do: An OCR with the best obstacles, the perfect distance that takes place in the most amazing trails all around the U.S.A. 

Your Savage Race experience is as competitive as you make it. Push the pace and race for podium, rally your team and battle the other teams for bragging rights, or simply make it your goal to cross the finish line with your 100% completion band! Savage Race is one of our favorite events! The events are always challenging & yet still fun. For example you will have warped walls & monkey bars & other tougher challenges, but you will also have slides & ice baths to cool off in! From the elite runner to the generally active individual, Savage Race events has you covered. They offer timing, photos, medals, and finisher shirts for all runners, so you can share your accomplishments with your friends and families. They also award OA & AG top podium winners.

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