Savage Race – Florida Fall 2016 – Review

Savage Race – Florida Fall 2016 –  Review

  • The registration process for the run was?  Simple
  • I registered? Online
  • The price of the run was? $64
    • I bought on discount or pre-sale? Yes – STPATTY16
  • The price vs the value was? Worth it & then some!!
  • The post-race perks included? Medal, Beer, Food, & decal
  • The check in process on the day of the run was – Smooth – Some lines were longer than others – All seemed less than 10 minutes
  • The obstacles of the course were? Physically & Mentally challenging – Jumping from 15+ high ledge into the water below, diving under walls in freezing cold water, to elevating yourself up monkey bars. 
  • The most challenging obstacle was? Either “Davy Jones Locker” ( 15 ft high dive ) or “SAWTOOTH” ( Monkey Bars ) 
  • The most unique or fun obstacle was? “Shriveled Richard” – Dive under the wall in up to 60,000 pounds of ice/water!!
  • The quality conditions of the obstacles were? Very well maintained
  • This is a great Mud Run for? Beginners to Advanced runners. It is challenging yet rewarding knowing you are SAVAGE!
  • For rookies who have never done a Mud Run, I would recommend it being their first? Yes! It will be tough course, but it is VERY fun & well maintained & organized to want you to do more. One of the best races we have done to date!
  • Additional recommendations for those planning to run this event are? Bring a friend, bring a group. SAVAGE is one of the TOP races, enjoy it – we did!
  • Overall I would rate this run? ( 1 – 5 star; 5 is best) 5





Savage Race

Florida Fall 2016
October 22nd & 23rd, 2016