Product Review: Wearbands

The world’s only true functional training system that can be worn with your own shoes (or no shoes) to train any movement at any speed anywhere.

Take your functional training to the next level by using some of the greatest patented resistance band training system we have seen. Find out how, below in our product review.

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  • $84.95 – Complete Set – 3 BandsWearbands
  • $99.95 – Complete Set – 5 BandsWearbands
  • $29.95 – SocksWearbands
  • $59.95 – Belt Wearbands


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Front and rear resistance bands are simply clipped to rings on the patented Wearbands belt and then are clipped to your shoes and the Wearbands sock, or, if worn with no shoes, to the Wearbands sock only

  • Quicker, more explosive sports-specific movement

  • Improved speed through improved technique and strength

  • Improved muscle endurance

  • Improved foot strength

  • Low-impact, internally generated resistance is body and joint-friendly

  • A more efficient workout by combining cardio and dynamic resistance work

  • Improved muscle activation during warm-ups reduces injury risk

  • Muscle imbalance identification



For the first time, athletes can take their functional resistance training onto the field of play, or anywhere else, improving speed, agility, power, explosiveness and endurance. Wearbands works with any athletic or training shoe and is hands-free, allowing the athlete to functionally train real-time athletic movements with no restrictions on range of motion, distance or technique.

  • Full-time variable resistance engages and strengthens the core while the athlete is in motion.  
  • Helps prevent runners from over-striding, while at the same time providing a small assist as the runner’s foot during recovery. The result is faster, more efficient turnover.  
  • Get more results in the same amount of time, or the same results in less time, from your favorite fitness activity.  
  • Adding Wearbands to any fitness routine increases calorie burn (up to 25%), cardio and muscle toning.  
  • With no restrictions on movement, and using your own shoes (or no shoes at all), Wearbands can be worn during any workout, including any group fitness class, boot camp, yoga, on a hike or just walking to get more results from the activity of your choice.
  • Six levels of resistance means anyone can use Wearbands and benefit

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A Wearable, Fully Functional Resistance Band Training System

Unlike other resistance band products, which limit the types of movements or your range of movement, the Wearbands system moves as you move, through any movement  at any speed, anywhere.  The result – the freedom to train anywhere in a truly functional manner under variable resistance.

  • Easy on and off is simple and quick to put on and take off.  Strap on the belt, clip on the resistance bands, and you are ready to go in seconds.




Lightweight and portable, Wearbands is the go anywhere, do anything resistance system

Easily packed in your luggage or our backpack. Wearbands is perfect for travel, outdoor workouts, hikes, you name it.



I would rate this wearable resistance band training system a 5 out of 5 Stars. I feel these products are essential for training to become the best form of yourself! There is enough resistance to make you earn it with up to five levels available! Train for your epic finish with Wearbands & you’ll receive awards & top placement medals after your elite race. Wearbands has found the perfect blend between function, durability & design. I absolutely love training with this system, and will incorporate it in our training center for many years to come.


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