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About Goruck 

Here’s what they do: Produce over 1,000+ events per year & design and manufacture tough gear in the USA.

Your Goruck event experience is military themed, American Flag flying, and team building that empowers individuals to lead an active, engaged life. Goruck challenges are designed to test your strength and cardio with having the same style challenges the Green Berets use to train for combat. For example you will have to overcome long water & team weight carries, log carries, casualties carries and many more mind & body breaking challenges like The Rock Chair (hint: whole class on beach, sitting in water where waves knock you over, arms locked together, flipping feet up and over your head, all way back and forth) while Rucking the whole time. From the elite athlete looking for a new challenge to the generally active individual who wants to feel what’s its like to be a Green Beret for a day/night, Goruck has you covered.

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