Race Review: Mud Endeavor – May 2017 – Brooksville 8

Mud Endeavor

Mud Endeavor – Brooksville 8 2017: Mud Run Finder Review

  • The registration process for the run was? Simple
  • I registered? Online
  • The price of the run was? $69
  • I bought on discount or pre-sale? No
  • The price vs the value was? Worth it!
  • The post-race perks included? Medal, Beer, Decal
  • The check in process on the day of the run was: Quick and smooth
  • The obstacles of the course were? Fun! Mud Endeavor Brooksville was the first OCR that I ever did so it was great to go back!
  • The most challenging obstacle was? Slip ramp/Wall
  • The most unique or fun obstacle was? Platform climb, cargo net, slip wall
  • The quality conditions of the obstacles were? Well maintained
  • This is a great Mud Run for: For kids to adults / first timers to elite
  • I would recommend it being their first? Yes!! It was the first race I ever did last year, and I made sure to come back!
  • Additional recommendations for those planning to run this event are? HAVE Fun!
  • Overall I would rate this run? ( 1 – 5 star; 5 is best) 4 stars

Mud EndeavorMud EndeavorMud EndeavorMud Endeavor

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